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The new Accounting Income Method for Tax – AIM

The Accounting Income Method (AIM) is a new option for you as a small business owner to manage your provisional tax using accounting software. What’s all the fuss about?
In a nutshell, AIM is an additional option for business owners to work out their provisional tax alongside the existing three options of standard, estimation, and

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Feeling swamped? Is your business stressing you out?

It seems to have become the ‘new norm’ for everyone you meet during your day to comment that they’re “so busy”, “can’t stop”, ‘in a rush”, and so on.  The pace of life seems to have ramped up (and up) as we’ve hurtled through the 2000’s.  It doesn’t need to be this way.
Although we

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Bright Line test on Residential property set to be extended to 5 years

The previous government introduced the bright line test which requires income tax to be paid on any gains from residential property sold within two years of purchase, with some exceptions.  The extension means that profits from residential investment properties which are bought and sold within five years will generally be taxable.
The Labour-led government believes

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Financial Awareness Workshop – will be repeated in 2018 – watch this space

Do you want to better understand your accounts & business finances?
Join Karen and Susan and the Astute Team at this 90 minute event to gain
greater understanding about your Business financials.
The benefits of attending:
• Develop an understanding of your key financial reports
• Learn the difference between profit and cash
• Gain knowledge of key accounting concepts

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7 Ways to Grow Your Business Event – Register NOW

Join the Astute team at this 90 minute event to understand the mindset change required to succeed in a changing business landscape.  Thursday 3rd May 5.15pm
The benefits of attending:

Look at business like you never have before & be challenged to adapt
Understand the seven ways to grow your business (& how they apply

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Health & Safety Law Changes

Changes to health and safety (H&S) laws will come into effect from 4 April 2016. The aim of the law is to reduce the number of New Zealanders killed or hurt at work. In New Zealand on average 73 people die on the job each year and one in ten is harmed. These numbers

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Budgets and Planning

Budgets and Planning
Heading into a new financial year is a perfect time to quantify your goals and set out your action plan.  Do you have a Budget?  Do you use it?

The very critical part of any action plan is the reviewing and monitoring.  There are so many benefits to tracking and reviewing your progress,

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Paid Parental Leave Changes

Paid parental leave changes ahead

Having a child is an exciting time that usually involves paid and unpaid time off work.

The Government has made some changes to paid parental leave, with others to follow. It’s important you know how this will affect your workers and business.

From 1 April, staff who’ve worked for you for

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Business Tools

Here’s a selection of useful websites and newsletters we’ve come across.

Toolbox Talks Safety information

Employer Information Hub





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Five Rules for managing small business cashflow

Invoicing is only the start. To maintain a healthy cashflow, you need more than just strong revenue. You need to be able to collect that revenue too. Here are five rules for managing your cashflow and getting your invoices paid faster:
1. Keep your books accurate and up to date
Your cashflow is only as good

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